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Clinical Trial Management 

Our clinical consultants are experts in the field with experience in global regulations, project management, and data analysis to better support your clinical trials and to customize services according to your needs. 


Remote Clinical Trial Support 

Our clinical consultants are experienced clinical research professionals with extensive background in Trial Oversight and Trial Management, including:


  • Remote Clinical Trial Monitoring and Oversight

  • Trial Initiation and Closure Support.

  • Clinical Data Management

  • Recruitment. 

  • eTMF Guidance and Support.


Clinical Trial Documentation

 We support Clinical Trial documentation Good Clinical Practice (GCP). We help create comprehensive trial documentation to efficiently manage clinical data integrity. Our services include:


  • Development of Study Documents (protocols, CRFs, amendments, investigator brochures, and other study related documents).

  • Clinical Trial Applications.

  • Support with Informed Consent Documentation.

  • Support with Marketing Recruitment Materials.

  • Support with regulatory IEC / IRB submissions.


Trial Management 

A Trinity M Consulting, we can help with the management of your Clinical Trial. You will have a designated clinical consultant assigned to your trial, from initiation to closure phase. Our services include:


  • Site Selection and Management.

  • Enrollment Strategy & Development.

  • Telephone Screenings.

  • Monitoring and Reporting. 

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