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Oncology Event Oct 2023: Convenzis

We are proud to be sponsoring the NHS Oncology Conference (Oct 2023) by Convenzis!

As part of Trinity M Consulting continued involvement to keep up to date with industry news on Clinical Trials, Trinity will be sponsoring the NHS Oncology Conference October 12, 2023 by Convenzis

See what Convenzis has to say about the event:

The Convenzis Oncology Conference series aims to provide a secure and focused environment for NHS Oncology specialists to listen, learn and engage with peers and sector leaders from across the UK and further afield. Cancer affects us all. Survival in England is at a record high and patients’ experience of treatment and care has never been higher, but we won’t stop there. We want every person with cancer to have the very best diagnosis, treatment and care.

Around 40,000 fewer people than normal started cancer treatment in the UK last year. The UK’s NHS currently has more than 4·6 million people on waiting lists for surgery and 300 000 people have been on hold for more than 12 months—a wait time that is 100-times higher than before the pandemic. The conference will open the debate on how the NHS is planning to lean on new models of delivery and innovation to help manage the current treatment backlogs and improve outcomes on a national scale.

We hope to see you there!


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